Whether you are contracting a service, providing a service, or simply trying to get your whole team on board, getting digitally organized is important for all parties involved. We waste valuable time during the onboarding process when we do not lay an organized foundation for the project. Doing these 5 steps will ensure that you have the perfect client/service provider relationship, save time, and keep all parties involved organized during the duration of your project.

Use Google Drive to Deliver Items Needed on Both Sides

No one wants to look through or send loads of emails in order to get the job done. Important information can get lost this way. In order to save time – and not send either of you on the dreaded email search – create a dedicated folder in Google Drive. This will aid all collaborators when the time comes to deliver most things, such as contracts, documents, pictures, movie or voice files. Anything can go into this folder and can be updated as needed.

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Creating a folder within Google Drive does not give access to your entire drive. It only gives access to just that one folder and its contents. So not only is setting up a folder in Google Drive efficient, but it is also safe. Be sure to create folders within the folder in order to keep the items organized. Don’t forget to share the folder, and grant access, via email.

Create How-To Documents in Google Drive

If you are a service provider, you may receive clients who may not know how to use Google Drive or any other technology tools that you may want them to use during your project. It would be a great idea to have a “how-to” folder within the folder created for the project. This “how-to” folder would be great to use for anything that you want the client to know how to do in order to be the perfect organized client. Items to keep in this folder would be documents that you provide for the client in order to help them get to a certain technical skill level needed for this project.

digital organization tips

An alternative to this is to create a YouTube video How-To Hotlist using Google Docs. You are still providing a How-To list for your client. You would copy and paste the link to the video tutorial into the document. Under each link, give the title for the video and why they are going to need to learn how to use that specific tool. It would not be a bad idea to do both the how-to documents and the YouTube hotlist. Some people are more visual than others. If you are trying to build up your YouTube channel, creating the videos yourself would also be a great idea.

Use Google Sheets to Create To-Do Lists

Once you have the initial meeting and basic grounds laid out, creating a to-do list using Google Sheets helps everyone to know what’s next. You never want anyone on your team feeling like they do not know what to do next. This to-do list keeps everyone accountable for the project. It is also can be updated and checked off as it’s done. You can check the progress of each other’s task list. It also creates talking points for future consultations during this project.

digital organization tips

Use Google Calendar to Schedule Tasks Accountability

Google Calendar is a great tool to use to schedule face-to-face or virtual meetings/consultations. There are many scheduling tools out there, but Google Calendar allows you to invite people to an event and allows them the option of putting it on their Google Calendar. This is also a great way to schedule out due dates for the task list created in Google Sheets after the first consultation. Google Calendar can be used as a reminder tool for when particular tasks are due. It is not recommended to schedule out all small tasks, but it is a good idea to schedule the key deadlines that will make or break the project.

digital organization tips

Organize Client Emails in Gmail

Doing all of the things outlined above does not mean that there will not be any emails going back and forth, but hopefully, this ensures that there would not be as many emails as there would have been before becoming digitally organized.

Creating a folder for a client or a team you’re working with, in your email account, allows you to put all relevant emails in one place. This will be a great go-to instead of searching through your email account for important emails. However, this is not the same as creating an email rule for emails (although both are great ideas). Putting emails in folders yourself instead of creating rules, ensures that you do not keep emails that are not related to the project or just random emails that do not need to be kept at all in that folder. Creating the folder instead of the rule allows you to filter through the ones that should be kept versus the ones that should be deleted once they have been read.

Whether you are acting as a client or as a service provider, these tips will help you optimize your time and productivity as well as keep amazing working relationships with all the parties involved.

What do you think? How do you keep all of your projects organized? Share your digital organization tips in the comment section below!


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