Welcome to The Social Media Current, a podcast where I interview some of the brightest minds in online entrepreneurship.

Hey there overwhelmed business owner,

My name is Lesya Liu and I am the host of this podcast. I get to pick minds of some of the most successful online entrepreneurs, who’ve built their businesses using social media, so you too can learn from their strategies and successes.

If you take away nothing else, remember that you need to keep your #socialcurrent.

Ramona Atkin On Creating a World-Class Publication Solo

I’ve had a chance to catch up with Ramona Atkin, founder and editor-in-chief of LUCY'S Magazine. Although this publication came relatively recently on to the market, it already gained an impressive following both online and offline. Photographers and photography fans...

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TSMC 001: Creating Brand Experience Online with Julie Harris

In this episode, I invited back Julie Harris of Whiskey and Red, because I just can't get enough of her knowledge and attitude! Julie is a brand stylist and digital designer, specializing in small business branding and website design. We've discussed: the importance...

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You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough, you will. – Stephen King

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